Jemelin Artigas: Latina on The Apprentice 2019

Jemelin Artigas: Latina on The Apprentice 2019

Literal Magazine UK had the honour of speaking with Jemelin Artigas, a successful network marketing consultant who participated in this year’s BBC series The Apprentice. The proud Venezuelan competed against 16 candidates hoping to win Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment. One of the few UK Latin American contestants that have appeared in the UK’s hit show, we were eager to learn about Jemelin Artigas, her success and journey on The Apprentice.

During her time on the hit show, Jemelin demonstrated a competitive and feisty side to her in order to survive the competition. Sadly, in the show’s seventh episode, Jemelin was fired by Lord Sugar after being brought back to the boardroom by the task’s project manager. But leaving the show is not the end for Jemelin. From planning events, writing her autobiography and pursuing the original business plan she had for Lord Sugar, it’s safe to say we will not see the last of her.

Jemelin’s Inspiring Story 

At the age of 16, Jemelin came to Britain without knowing a word of English yet she immersed herself in the English culture and language to be the successful entrepreneur she is today. Her dreams of managing her multiple businesses online whilst sitting on a beach in another country do not seem far-fetched at all. Jemelin is busy as she is working on new projects, hiring new talents on her team and so much more.

Since coming to the UK, Jemelin has worked a number of roles from cleaning services, owning a beauty salon at 22 years old to be a Sales Lead Generator in the events industry. She discloses a time where she hit an extremely low point in her life where she didn’t know what she wanted to do. This caused her face to break out with severe acne and pigmentation from the stress she was under and the strains of her unstable work life. 

During this stressful period, a persistent friend of Jemelin would offer treatment to cure her acne of her own business’ beauty range. After several attempts, Jemelin finally gave in and accepted to try the beauty product that changed her life. “It was a miracle how it changed my life. It allowed me to get back to work and get my life back on track”. After constant requests from family and friends on what magical product she used to clear her skin of acne, she referred to her friend’s business. “That’s when I put two and two together, because of my referrals she earned a lot of money and I thought that’s it! I want in. ” It was a no brainer, Jemelin partnered up to build the brand we know today as Nu Skin

Jemelin describes her “why” she needed to sort herself out was her son. “He is and will always be my priority. My family is everything. That’s why I am so happy I found a way of working that allows me to be with him and watch him grow up. I take my hat off to all mums and single mums that work full-time because it is so hard. At Nu Skin, I connect with mothers that want a flexible working career from the comfort of their homes. This business is built online, we connect through video calls and some conferences include our children – we’ve become a big family.”

‘Mindset for All’

A strong mindset is what saved Jemelin from sinking further into a deeper depression.  “I literally rewired my brain and my way of thinking by forcing me to believe in myself.” Because of this, Jemelin is currently creating ‘Mindset for All’, a free online platform where people are educated on the importance of a good mindset and how to start your mindset journey. “It’s a platform for everyone and anyone on what I feel we should have been taught in school,” she adds. 

Personal growth is “massive” to Jemelin. She developed a strong mindset during her network marketing career.

“Mindset is about gratitude, living in the now, working towards your vision and your future. Life is also about attitude, and it is sad to see people with negative attitudes. I’ve been there and I honestly wouldn’t have come out of my depression and suffering from anxiety attacks if I didn’t have my mindset in check”.

Subsequently, she was able to reprogram her of thinking and is now aware of her triggers. Jemelin goes on to add that her mindset will be openly discussed in her autobiography that will be published next year. 

The Apprentice 2019

Aside from wanting to win the £250,000 investment, Jemelin wanted to inspire Latinas and Latinos in the UK to be fearless and go for the opportunities they are given. Jemelin even goes to say she wants UK Latin Americans to sign up for The Apprentice! “We come here feeling as though we don’t belong or let others pave the way before us, but it shouldn’t be like that. We came here to find a better life, to work, we pay our taxes, we have rights, we are part of this community, we can do anything! My tips on joining the show are to have a well-envisioned business plan, be in touch with your personality and have high morals”

Life after the Apprentice may have become a complete whirlwind, but her network marketing business is her focus. “I’ve literally been busting my ass for so long to gain this momentum and now I have it. That’s why I believe that perseverance is key”.

Though it seems Jemelin is doing it all, she says her tight-knit team is what has helped her succeed. “I am a firm believer that collaboration is important, the team I have worked on my app are brilliant, my networking marketing business team are phenomenal, teamwork is really the dreamwork”. Collaboration is one of the main reasons she found it tough on the Apprentice. “Working alongside many clashing personalities was somewhat troublesome, added with high emotions, sleep-deprivation, and no family contact, it was a gruelling process…” she says. Having been fired off The Apprentice 2019 series has not disheartened her intention of going forward with the business plan she once hoped to present to Lord Sugar. 

The smartphone events app I have been developing for the past two years will absolutely revolutionise the events industry. During my 12 years working in the events industry as a sales lead representative, I found many flaws in the recruiting and training of event staff. My app will solve so many of the issues I faced so watch this space”

There is a lot we can learn from Jemelin’s drive and determination. Through many trials and tribulations, Jemelin is strong inspirational woman that is proud of her Venezuelan roots has won the hearts of many.

We look forward to seeing what else the New Year 2020 has in store for Jemelin.

You can follow Jemelin Artigas on Twitter and Instagram @JemelinArtigas 

By Natalia Pareja Ruiz – Literal Magazine UK

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