Meghan Markle breaks the silence on British royalty

Meghan Markle breaks the silence on British royalty

Writing By Cristian Esteban

For the interview, which aired on Sunday, March 7, CBS had to fork out a sum of seven to nine million dollars to obtain the content and air it in the most watched time slot.


The Wall Street Journal cites sources close to the deal, but the network has not confirmed the amount disbursed. However, CBS assured that a spokeswoman for the couple guaranteed that neither Meghan nor Prince Harry will receive any payment from this interview.


Oprah Winfrey’s interview was highly anticipated, as they spoke openly, revealing all the details of Meghan’s departure from the British royal family, which was recently made official by Buckingham Palace.

The Duchess of Sussex commented that she “didn’t want to be alive anymore”, remembering her worst moments in the environment of the royal family.


Fighting back tears at one point, Meghan said that suicidal thoughts were incredibly difficult to bear and that she was reluctant to share them with her husband, who lost his mother when he was a little boy.


She was really ashamed to say it at the time, and especially ashamed to have to admit it to Harry, “because I know how much loss he has suffered”. But she knew that if she didn’t say it, she would kill herself because she just didn’t want to be alive anymore.

Harry said that he was “terrified” by the admission of his wife.


“In the months that I was pregnant, there were concerns and conversations about how dark their skin could be when they were born,” said Meghan, who did not indicate who had made those comments, because “it would be very harmful to them.”However, these comments formed part of the reason why the couple announced their plans to retire their main roles in the royal family, as they reported that they did not find any support from the Royal House.


Furthermore, in 2019, when the couple awaited the birth of Archie, their first child, they learned that the Royal House did not want him to have the title of prince.


“They said he wasn’t going to get security; it was really difficult. They kept it throughout the pregnancy, and I said,‘wait a second, how does it work?’ If the title is going to be what affects his protection, we are not going to live with this monstrous machine around us, our son needs to be safe (…) When you are the grandson of a monarch, when Charlesbecomes king, automatically Archie and our next child would be a prince or princess … they have no right to take it away. While I was pregnant, they said they wanted to change this,” the Duchess of Sussex told the presenter.


These were the highlights of the interview that aired shortly after Buckingham Palace announced that it is investigating allegations that the Duchess had intimidated members of her staff in 2018, forcing two of them to resign.

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