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Packages & Prices

Our advertising packages are made so that brands can expands with us. With our proposed advertisement costs brands will benefit from four different publishing options. Your advert will be in the section related to your service.


The price for one month of advertising will consist of website, social media networks and a printed publication. In the case of videos, the advert will remain for the duration of the video.

Our options:

Website: We offer advertising option on our website. Advertising will be found inside an article or section relating to client business services. Adverts will not be on the front of the website.

Social Media: Advertisements will be published as a post on our social networks once a week on the date set by the client. Advertisements will feature on four posts per social network that we manage which are Google plus, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Video: In one of our audio-visual publications, a lower banner will be placed for 10 seconds with your company advertisement which will be posted on: Youtube, Google +, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on the website. * The advert will remain until the video ends. In this case, the banner will not have audio, this only applies for images. And this will show in the lower part of the video.

Print: In our bi-monthly edition, your advertisements will be incorporated in the size you choose within our service package. This publication is only for one edition.